PC Community Foundation

The Plum Coulee Community Foundation was founded in 2001, under the direction of the Samuel and Saidye Bronfman Family Foundation. It was established to manage gifts, and to direct and monitor the work of a variety of volunteer committees, working on a number of projects throughout the community. The Bronfman Foundation, with historical ties to Plum Coulee, made a generous charitable gift toward the projects, and provided extra funds for legal and architectural consultations, as well as for project maintenance.

The community foundation movement in Manitoba, and in Canada, began with the establishment of The Winnipeg Foundation in 1921. The Winnipeg Foundation is now part of an ever-growing network of Manitoba foundations. Our province has the most community foundations, per capita, in the country. Manitoba communities have embraced the concept of establishing permanent endowment funds and using investment earnings from those funds to support worthwhile, local projects that enhance the quality of life in their communities.

Manitoba Community Foundations: Pool the charitable gifts of many donors into permanent, income-earning endowment funds that benefit local communities. Make grants, using the earnings from these funds, to support a wide range of local initiatives - including health, education, social services, arts and culture, and the environment. Provide leadership to their communities by bringing people together from all sectors to identify and address local issues.

If you would like to support the Plum Coulee Community Foundation (charitable gifts are tax deductible) please contact the foundation by email or this email. Please contact any of the following board of directors for more information on making a gift to the endowment fund. The more money the fund contains the larger the grants given each year to volunteer organizations, educational and municipal projects annually.

Board of Directors: 
Levi TaylorChair
Heather Unger Vice Chair
June LetkemanSecretary
Moira PorteTreasurer
Cathy DyckBoard Member
John PetersBoard Member
Myra PetersStaff
Isolde TermerBoard Member

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The 2023 PCCF Annual and Financial Report COMING SOON

2023 Grants

Grant Recipients
From Youth In Philanthropy
Winkler Family Resource CentrePC Imagination Library$2,000 
Plum Coulee Elevator MuseumCommercial Vacuum and a Printer$800$400
Pedestrian BridgePhase 2$4,000$1,250
Plum Coulee Plum FestOperations$4,818$500
Plum Coulee Community GardensPicnic Table$1,000$100
Plum Coulee Parent Advisory CouncilPlayground$2,000$250
Centre on MainComputer and Printer$2,000
Total Grants

Grant Recipients
From PCCF 
(Heritage Fund)
From PCCF 
(Elevator Fund)
Plum Coulee Elevator MuseumOperations$2,294
Plum Coulee Elevator MuseumRepairs and Maintenance

The 2022 PCCF Annual Report Click here

The 2022 PCCF Financial Report Click here

2022 Grants

PCCF 20th Anniversary Grant

Musical Playground$20,000
Youth In Philanthropy

Plum Fest - Six String  Nation - Educational Presentation$10,000
Total Grants$30,000

The 2021 PCCF Annual Report Click here

The 2021 PCC Financial Report Click here

2021 Grants

Plum Coulee School$1000 for electronic sign
Centre on Main$1,000 for tables
Sensory Path at Town Square$800 for additions
Imagination Library$2,000 for books
Winkler Family Resource Centre$1,500 for PC Programs
Pembina Valley Humane Society$500 for new van
PC School Advisory Council$827 for baseball diamond upgrades
PC Fire Dept$1,000 for water rescue equipment
LUD of PC $1,500 for beautification
Pedestrian Bridge$4,000 Foundation Piers
Plum Fest$500 for Community Connections
 Total Grants $14,627.00

2020 MB 150 Grants
Plum Coulee School$2,500 for Ball pit
Outdoor Arena$5,000
Caboose/Museum Renovation$5,000
Fire Truck Revitilazion/Museum$7,500
Total Grants $20,000.00

2019 Grants                                                                                              2019 Youth In Philanthropy Grants 
 Plum Fest - $2036.76 – 2019 Plum Fest
 PC Outdoor Rink  - $1,500 – Rink Construction
 Centre on Main $400 – Pickleball Equipment/Microwave stand
 PC Foot Bridge - $1,500 – Pedestrian Bridge Construction Prairie View Museum $350 – Summer Staffing
 Fire Truck Restoration$1,500 – Truck Restoration PV Conservation $300 – Dockside Educational Equipment
 PC Heritage Trust Fund - $7,650 – Trust Fund Imagination Library $250 – Books for PC children
 PC School $250 – Hand held mike PV Humane Society - $200 – Painting of Storage area
 Imagination Library $750 – Books for PC Children  LUD of Plum Coulee - $450 – Sensory Path
 PC Minor Ball $500 – Backstop repairs 
 Winkler Family Resource - $1,000 – PC Pre-school Programs 
 LUD of PC - $1,500 – Beautification/Painting Caboose 
 PC 4H $575 – Banner-Sewing Machines/Scissors 
 PC Fire Department $1,500 – Mini Combination Tool 
 Youth In Philanthropy - $3,500  
South Central Aerials - $612 – Parallel Bars/Tumble Trainer
 Total Granted $24,353.76                                                                    Total Granted $2,500.00

 2019 Citizen of the Year     2018 Citizen of the Year
 Archie Heinrichs Jill Friesen 
Archie Heinrichs
Jill Friesen
 2017 Citizen of the Year 2016 Citizen of the Year
 Jake Dueck Dorothy Derksen
Dorothy Dersksen presenting Jake Dueck Award
Dorothy Derksen and Mary Eberling 

 2019 Builder of the Past 2018 Builder of the Past
 The Plum Coulee Womens Institute  William C Wiebe
The Plum Coulee Women's Institute 
William C Wiebe
 2017 Builder of the Past 2016 Builder of the Past
 Harold Schulz William Janzen
Harold Schulz
William Janzen

Past Citizens of the Year
 2003 William C Wiebe2004 Cleo Heinrichs 
 2005 Heather Unger2006 Moira Porte 
 2007 Jake Penner2008 Allen Funk
 2009 Jim Loewen2010 Jack Wiebe
 2011 Alfred Loewen2012 Thrift Shoppe Board
 2013 June Letkeman2014 Ken Hildebrand
 2015 Aron Rempel2016 Dorothy Unrau Derksen
 2017 Jake Dueck 2018 Jill Friesen
 2019 Archie Heinrichs 

Community builder of the past 

 2003-Samuel Rosner 2004-Dr. Hugh McGavin
 2005-Russell Stewart 2006-Jake Hooge
 2007-Bernie Kehler 2008-P.P. Toews
 2009- David W. Wiebe 2010- Louis Jackman
 2011- Robert Reichert 2012- Agatha Wiedeman
 2013- George Feakes 2014- Ben Wiebe
 2015- Ed Hiebert 2016- William H. Janzen
 2017 - Harold Schulz 2018 - William C Wiebe
 2019 - The PC Womens Institute 



2018 Grants                                                                       2017 Grants
 Pembina Valley Humane Society $500Plum Coulee Fire Dept $500
 The Centre on Main $2,100Maple Manor $350
 PC Minor Soccer $350PC Elementary School $300
 PC Minor Ball $1,500PC School Advisory Council $780
 PC House Hockey League $1,500PC Sports $500
Plum Fest $1,600Community Meal Program $400
 South Central Aerials $1,500Imagination Library $1,000
 Community Hall $600Museum Staffing $1,500
 PC School Advisory Council $650LUD Beautification $700
 PC School $1,150Plum Fest $1,000
 PC LUD $1,000 Canada 150 Alliance $ Grant to Age Friendly Centre & Plum Fest
 PC Prairie View Elevator Museum $2,900 Prairie View Elevator Maintenance $4,728
 PC Prairie View Elevator Museum Maintenance Fund $4,728 Youth in Philanthropy $3,500

2016 Grants
Plum Fest $1,500
 PC Fire Department $1,100
 PC School $650
 Community Meal Program $500
 Parent Advisory Board $450
Imagination Library $1,000
 South Central Cancer Resource Centre $1,200
 Museum $1,500
 Community Hall $1,500
 Museum Overhead Door/Maintenance Fund $3,750
  • In 2016- The total assets of the PCCCF stand at $442,178.67.


    The total granted gifts to the community of Plum Coulee since our start of the endowment building in 2008 to 2016 were $57,750.00.


    Total grants to the Prairie View Elevator for maintenance since the start of the reserve fund in 2008 to 2016 were $26,600.00.